I grew up on a farm in the Okanagan, and became involved in structured fitness training when I started my career at Rapattack (a branch of the BC forest service that specializes in limited access wildland fires) in 1998. That work was incredible and gave me the opportunity to see very remote parts of the Province, as well as work with an extremely diverse group of people. Fitness is, not only a critical part of that job, but part of everyday work at Rap. We focused on calisthenics, long distance running, field sports, and of course the gym.

In the spring of 2003 I dislocated my shoulder snowboarding, and by January of 2004 I had done it twice more. I promptly sought surgery, knowing that my injury was going to permanently affect both my personal life, and my ability to do my job. This began a very slow recovery process. By fall of 2006 I had incurred several more injuries from distance running, and had lost interest in training as there was so much that I had to be careful of, or just couldn’t do.

Soon after this, a friend mentioned CrossFit to me a few times; and I searched the website. In December of 2006 I did my first CrossFit workout (“Cindy”; this name will make more sense to you later). I could only do some of it, and the parts I did complete weren’t very pretty. I soon did another CrossFit workout, and again couldn’t believe how challenging I found it (I hadn’t even heard of most of the movements before). After a couple more I was keen - really keen. I started getting to the gym more regularly and did as much of each workout as I could. Six months later I was able to do some of them as they’re prescribed (Rx'd), including squats and pull-ups, which had previously been very injury restricted. A year later I took my orthotics out of my shoes and never put them back in, my single set of pull-ups got to over 40, and I started to encourage others to check out Soon I took my CrossFit Level 1 Certification. I grew more and more interested in not only my own training, but also coaching others. In 2008 I radically reconstructed, directed and coached New Recruit Fitness Training at Rapattack and in the fall of 2008 started coaching at CrossFit Whistler. In May of 2009 I competed at the Western Canada CrossFit Games Qualifier.

I believe strongly in the CrossFit product as we apply it, and the community that it creates. I take great pride in the clients and athletes that I have had a chance to work with and I look forward to each person’s continued progression as much as I look forward to the next new person through the door. CrossFit Squamish is our expression of CrossFit’s excellence in training and performance.



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